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S. Taylor

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S. Taylor   in reply to Ashley   on

Which Grants Should I Apply to?

Hi ashley, excuse the intrusion but i came across your post and after reading it. I wanted to applaud you for the continuing success you seem to be having. I wish you all the best on your up coming endeavors and I admire and respect you for persuing and achieving your set goals. I think it is a blessing to see young women making a difference. God bless

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S. Taylor  

Need help finding ways to apply for personal grants

Hello i am looking for ways to apply for and receive personal grants to pay off some household bills. Any advice is helpful.
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S. Taylor  

Making life changes

Hello my name is Stacie and I am a 34 year old aspiring writer. Recently married in April of 2006 and a recent resident of  Columbus Ohio by way of Sunny California. I have no children as of yet. I am a lover of arts and museums, as well as poetry and music. My greatest passion is Writing and i pray in the near future I will have novels, greeting cards and poems out ther circulating for your enjoyment. I'm a strong believer in being productive so I spend my day using my many talents that God has blessed me with. Those  talents include, writing short stories , poems and greeting cards, singing (yes, i have a beautiful voice) hairstyling, arts and crafts, painting (which i'm not that good at). Counseling friends and family (I'm a great listener and i've been told i give good sound advice) Interior decorating and my newest talent- making exotic jewelry.

My hobbies include reading, attending jazz festivals, visiting art exhibits and musuems.  I also love attending Motorcycle shows,  going shopping, relaxing in park settings and spending alone time with the hubby.

My greatest accomplishments are winning a shakesphere award and being named a famous poet by the International library of poetry. Other accomplishments are starting up a social club in 2000 for positive women  back in cali in which we helped with local churches, charities and fundraisers to benefit  less fortunate families and battered women. Unfortuantely, it closed for good in July of 2003.

I strive to be fair in al lthings and try to keep a positive outlook on life and people. I'm careful of judging others and i am very careful of the company i keep. I am ver observant which can lead a lot to believe i may be either anti social or uppity. in which i am nither. I believe beauty can be found in everyone and i don't think you can know everything you need to know about a person by looking souly at the surface. I am not a very religious person but i do consider my self to be spiritual. I come from a very big family in which i am the baby of the family. My mother is my mentor while my father (R.I.P)was my biggest fan.

I strive to respect everyone and their views and feel that you can learn from everyone if you take the time to listen. I believe that we determine our destinies and happiness by the choices we make. So i try to steer clear of making haste decisions. I love to laugh and believe that laughter is good for the soul and a day without laughter is a day wasted. I consider my failures as signs that i've tried so that helps me to try again. I hope that this gives you a glimpse of the type of person i am. So until our paths cross. Take care and be blessed.

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